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the thing i dont get  is when ppl squash snails on purpose?? like that is a tiny animal trying to drag its home to somewhere nice. they dont understand who we are, all they see is a big shadow they cant run from and all they want is to take their home somewhere nice why are ppl rude to beautiful things u should help them get to where they want to be instead of squishingthem.

I don’t like desperate people. I find that I lose respect for people who are desperate for someone to define them, who are desperate to have someone in their life. If someone wants to walk out of your life, let them. Humans should be confident enough to know when to move on when they’re no longer needed. Train yourself to love your own company, train yourself to be strong. Do not beg. Never beg. Never beg for love, otherwise its not real. Save all the begging for forgiveness, for redemption, nothing more, nothing less.
the girl who knows it all, trust me.. (via endlessmulla)
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